Grinearth Pte Ltd started back in Aug 2018. They manufacture, wholesale and distribute  1-time use, Eco-friendly as well as traditional disposable supplies to a wide spectrum of B2B clients. That includes 2nd/3rd tier distributors,  F&B, Cleaning companies, hospitality industries.

In 2020, Grinearth Global was established to further our mission to go green by cutting back on single use plastic packaging and products containing ingredients that pollutes the earth. Their first product CocoKlean was finally released on 28th June 2021. It is an eco-friendly floor cleaning detergent sheet made from coconut enzymes. Its baby safe formulation makes it a must have in every mummy’s pantry. It was developed by mummies for mummies who believes that the greatest gift for a child is health. It starts from home.


When Grinearth Global was started, their key intent was to develop products that isn’t just good for the environment but also good for the mental and physical well-being. Doing good is in line and an extension of their business mission and they believe in marrying financial stability/sustainability with purpose. The team at is encouraged by their heart for the community and shared belief in allowing businesses to thrive while contribute to beneficiaries that are non-government funded. They have expressed joy in knowing that they have played an active role in changing someone’s life for the better, adding value to the society in their small ways. Every contribution big or small matters as it takes a village to create miracles!