The Last Resort

Many young people have no home to return to due to abuse, sudden crisis or unfortunate circumstances. What they often need is a place they feel safe enough to work through life’s challenges.

Since 2007, Ken and Addy have sought to care for the community around them. Over the years, they came to realise that there was a huge invisible gap in social services in caring for the young adults in our community. Those aged 16 and above facing family breakdowns were not protected by the Children and Young Person's Act and were treated as adults regardless of their readiness.

In other words, when these young persons lose the safety and security of their homes, they have nowhere to go except the streets.

The Last Resort is not a shelter or a service provider, even though the couple try their best to support as best as they can.


A better way to describe The Last Resort would be a missional community.


They readily admit that their contribution and work can never be done by themselves and can only be done as being part of a larger body. They recognise that even if they gave all they can to care for as many as they could, they would still be only one family facing an avalanche of young persons without families.

While they continue to do their best to avail their home to others, they are confident that the work is best done with a community of families also availing themselves to share what they have with those who don' t. As they try to engage with more families and faced numerous rejections, they are heartened that they
have also found themselves not alone in wondering what society can become when communities start to share what they have to care for those who remain helplessly invisible.


Your purchases contribute to:

The Last Resort enabling resource 

This is a quick response fund to provide the following support to assist young persons in crisis. Through this, you will help to provide:

1) Temporal accommodations

Under current COVID-19 restrictions, families are only allowed to provide permanent housing but not temporary shelter to those who need emergency homing. Even without COVID-19 restrictions, this temporal holding space is needed to ascertain the actual needs of young persons in crisis before deciding to place them with families. Your purchases help these young persons to pay for temporal short term lodging at backpackers facilities until their situation stabilises to allow for longer term planning.

2) Short term pocket money expenses

School going students in crisis will be assured of pocket money until the benevolent assistance and grants are processed by social agencies.


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