Silicone Placemat / Dining Mat / Table Mat (Set of 2)

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$3.98 of this product supports local communities in need.

Give a good dining placemat a shot, and you'll ask yourself why you've never done so earlier. 

Our placemats are customized to be 33% thicker than the standard silicone placemats you find outside. Which means they are more durable, sturdier, and protects your tables better.


A longer lasting product means you get more value for money in the long-term.


Make your meals at home even more homely - If you've got a whiteboard marker you may even write customized notes or your favourite quotes and verses down! Simply wipe it down with a wet-wipe or give it a wash with soapy water after using, to start with fresh inspiration for your next meal.


These are the available colours (colors may vary slightly based on manufacturer's specifications):

Yellow Pantone 2009 C
Blue-Grey Pantone 2164 C
Brown-Dark Orange Pantone 4705 C

1mm | 142g | Heat Resistant up to 240° Celsius | Waterproof | Oilproof | Anti-Slip | Food Grade Quality | Environmentally friendly | Durable | Easy to Wash