Bottle Strap (Black)
Bottle Strap (Blue)
Bottle Strap (Purple)
Bottle Strap (Orange)
Bottle Strap (Black) with bottle
Bottle Strap (Purple) with tumbler - close up shot
Bottle Strap (Purple) with tumbler - overhead shot
Bottle Strap (Purple) with tumbler - overhead shot with free silicone band

Bottle Strap

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$1.70 of this product supports local communities in need.

Enjoy a hands-free experience with our adjustable bottle straps + double silicone rings.

Each bottle strap also comes with a silicone band for you to write your favorite quotes/verses on it, your name, or even a message to your loved ones! 


No more thin straps cutting into your skin! Thick and durable straps disperse weight better.
- Less swinging and more bottle support increases your comfort of use and also increases the longevity of your strap. The double silicone rings secure both the top and bottom of your bottle.
- Recognize your bottles at a glance. Vibrant and playfully colored, your bottles are now easily noticed and/or differentiated, especially for families with children (no more losing bottles at school!)
- Hike/walk without the hassle of carrying a bag, nor be limited by having to find a water source mid-workout. Easy access to hydration is important especially for those who enjoy long walks.