Laptop Sleeve (Dark Green)
Laptop Sleeve (Dark Green)
Laptop Sleeve (Dark Green)
Laptop Sleeve (Dark Green)
Laptop Sleeve (Dark Green)
Laptop Sleeve (Dark Green)

Laptop Sleeve (Dark Green)

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$7.20 of this product supports local communities in need.

Our laptop sleeve is fitted with a laptop stand and has a cover flap that doubles as a mousepad, as well as a pen-holder.

Each sleeve also comes with a set of 2 pouches for your charger and mouse, as well as 2 cable straps.

Do check our pouch and sleeve dimensions below!


Premium PU Leather | Scratch Resistant | Waterproof


Sleeve Dimensions (Measured from stitching)
13″: Length (33.5cm) x Breadth (24.5cm)
15″: Length (37cm) x Breadth (27cm)

Pouch Dimensions
Mouse Pouch: Length (14.5cm) x Breadth (7.5cm)  (most fitting for Apple mouse)
Charger Pouch: Length (12.5cm) x Breadth (8.5cm) x Height (4cm)


You’ll need one of these sleeves if you have even one of these peeves:

  • Bad Posture & Accompanying Muscle Aches
    • The built-in laptop stand helps not just with your posture. It also means that you don’t have to stick anything on your laptop if you don’t want to! (However if you love sticking things on your laptop, we’ve also got those laptop stands in stock.)
  • Laser Mouse Problems
    • The laptop cover flap doubles as a mousepad – reflective / rough / transparent surfaces no longer pose a threat to your efficiency.
  • Unruly Cables
    • Each sleeve comes with 2 free matching pouches and cable straps to keep them (and you) organized.
  • A Sleeveless Laptop
    • Our laptop sleeve is best known to function as one. Oh and there’s also a lush cushioned layer within to keep your laptop comfortable and safe from scratches.